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About Mike

Mike Diccicco graduated from La Salle College in Philadelphia with a degree in English and a burning desire to write award-winning radio commercials and TV spots. Today, after more than four decades in the advertising business, Mike has turned his energies toward the writing of fiction.


Beyond All Sense and Reason is Mike’s debut novel, a story of teenage interracial friendships set in the Civil Rights era in Birmingham, Alabama. One of eleven children, Mike lived in Birmingham during the heart of its struggles for racial equality and justice; he has never forgotten the many everyday heroes of that momentous period in American history.


Using a character from his novel, Mike has also written a short story entitled "The Bus Rider," which was awarded fifth prize among 6700 entries in a national Writer’s Digest competition. In addition to short stories, two published on this website, Mike is currently working on a second novel.


Married since 1975 to his wife Fran, the couple divides their time between their home in Pennsylvania and their condo on the Jersey shore. They have a daughter, Mariliz, and a son, Michael.

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Mike Diccicco - Beyond All Sense and Reason
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