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Heading to Birmingham

Excited to announce that I am traveling to Birmingham, Alabama on September 8, 2022 for three special events connected to Beyond All Sense and Reason.

On Friday, September 9, I will be the "guest lecturer" to a combined class of John Carroll students, half from the Creative Writing course, and half from the Social Justice course. That should be fun. I'm already reaching out to the best teacher I know, my wife Franny Jacob, for guidance. Glad/sad that she will not be there to grade my efforts!

On Saturday, September 10, I am scheduled for a book-signing event at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute Museum Gift Shop. No book purchase required. Hoping to see both new and old friends from the Birmingham area -- if you have time, please stop by to say Hi.

On Monday, September 12, I will be honored to address the famous YMBC organization at their weekly meeting. This is a well-known civic organization in Birmingham, one with a history dating back to the 40s, and famous for Chuck Morgan and his "Birmingham is Dead" speech delivered the day after the bombing at the 16th Street Baptist Church. It will surely be emotional for me to be stand and speak in his shadow.


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