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So, you want a signed copy?

January 4, 2022 -- Some people—more than one but less than five—have asked me if they could get a signed copy of my novel after it releases on January 17. The answer is YES YES YES. I personally own 15 books signed by the author and they are among my most prized possessions. I am honored to be a "signer" after years as a "signee."

Let's talk logistics. If you live anywhere near Warrington, PA, or Philadelphia, PA, or the South Jersey shore, no problem. Shoot me an email and we can meet at a nearby Wawa! If you are far away, we'll need to discuss. Though I imagine the best way to handle this would be for you to purchase a volume on Amazon, ship it to me, I will sign, then ship to you. Shouldn't be too expensive but we can figure it out. (I am not expecting an avalanche here.)

In any case, my author email is

Sound good?


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